June 2018

· New music video for 'In the Tall Grass'

Third single from 'Do Xao' out now as a music video and a standalone release!
The music video was made by Appu Jasu.

Superworldindietunes premiered the single and had some great things to say about it:

Is it their finest work to date? “In The Tall Grass” is impossibly evocative, these impressions jotted down before I even knew the title – the song induced a kind of trance – crickets, the hissing of summer lawns, the delicious, ambiguous, almost imperceptible backing vocals, the memories of a hot summers day recalled on a cool evening as you drift off to sleep, railway sidings. The Beach Boys if they grew up in Kansas and had never seen the ocean, the fragments of sounds, a piano played in a hot living room somewhere on the prairie, a song nobody was meant to hear, and the echoing coda, as you drive away into the night, oh you’re never coming back.

Our thoughts about the song:

The third single from the album 'Do Xao', “In The Tall grass”, was made with experimental methods. The verse is sampled from a very old rehearsal jam, interestingly titled Delay Trees. On that we built a soundscape using different percussions, synth bass and a drum sample from another rehearsal – where Appu, Valtteri and Leif Elverstig jam on “Pretty Young Thing” by MJ. The lyric is very loosely based on the book East Of Eden. Very, very, very loosely that is, given that the writer of the lyrics hasn’t even read part two of those books.

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May 2018

· Tigers-curated playlist

We made a playlist for One Quart Magazine of some song that we were listening in the process of making 'Do Xao', looking for moods and inspiration.

Find it on Spotify: .

May 2018

· Interviews

Helsingin Sanomat Nyt-liite interviewed Valtteri:


Turun Sanomat interviewed Janne: .

April 2018

· Our new album 'Do Xao' out now!

Listen/download/share/buy it from the following outlets:

Some comments from us:

“While recording “Do Xao” we became more like curious professors and less like a live rock band. We had a lot of fun in the process but also debated a lot. In the warmth of the summer we had a few good ideas and a faint vision of how it could sound. In the damp autumn some of the ideas decomposed and some of them continued to grow. The winter 2018 was spent inside a crazy creative cave having a very busy time. It’s great to have new music and great to be playing some live shows with our top new drummer Niko.”
– Valtteri

“We were not interested in one particular genre but wanted to search for something new so it was basically a jump into unknown waters. One of the core rules of The New Tigers has always been that we can do anything and it will still be The New Tigers – if we like it – so we wanted to live up to the name and do just that (rule #2 is there has to be something a bit silly 🐉). We did found some paddles and made our way to some wonderful places.”
– Appu

The album was premiered at Rumba and Austin Town Hall.

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March 2018

· The new single 'Domino' is out!

Listen / download it here:

January 2018

· Interview in a Danish website called Bands of Tomorrow:

October 2017

· Our new single is now released!

You may stream/buy it from one or several of these places:

The song was premiered by Austin Town Hall and Rumba, and has been featured on several blogs so far:

Our comments about the song:
"This song was written in several sessions taking place in an apartment in close proximity (but not at) the center of Turku, on both sides of an areca palm, a guitar on the other side and a keyboard on the other. A few leaves of the plant are half eaten, the eater being a grey cat, but fortunately areca palms are non-toxic to cats and dogs, and so the plant and the cat are thriving.

"The song was recorded in a small industry area on the outskirts of the town, where one tuesday two practicing neighbours, a harmonica-featuring blues band and a solo freestyling metal drummer, played in almost perfect unison unbeknownst to themselves. The recordings were executed and supervised by The New Tigers."

July 2017

· New music video released!
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May 2016

· New EP out




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