May 2018

· Interviews

Helsingin Sanomat Nyt-liite interviewed Valtteri:


Turun Sanomat interviewed Janne: .

April 2018

· Our new album 'Do Xao' out now!

Listen/download/share/buy it from the following outlets:

Some comments from us:

“While recording “Do Xao” we became more like curious professors and less like a live rock band. We had a lot of fun in the process but also debated a lot. In the warmth of the summer we had a few good ideas and a faint vision of how it could sound. In the damp autumn some of the ideas decomposed and some of them continued to grow. The winter 2018 was spent inside a crazy creative cave having a very busy time. It’s great to have new music and great to be playing some live shows with our top new drummer Niko.”
– Valtteri

“We were not interested in one particular genre but wanted to search for something new so it was basically a jump into unknown waters. One of the core rules of The New Tigers has always been that we can do anything and it will still be The New Tigers – if we like it – so we wanted to live up to the name and do just that (rule #2 is there has to be something a bit silly 🐉). We did found some paddles and made our way to some wonderful places.”
– Appu

The album was premiered at Rumba and Austin Town Hall.

More news

March 2018

· The new single 'Domino' is out!

Listen / download it here:

January 2018

· Interview in a Danish website called Bands of Tomorrow:

October 2017

· Our new single is now released!

You may stream/buy it from one or several of these places:

The song was premiered by Austin Town Hall and Rumba, and has been featured on several blogs so far:

Our comments about the song:
"This song was written in several sessions taking place in an apartment in close proximity (but not at) the center of Turku, on both sides of an areca palm, a guitar on the other side and a keyboard on the other. A few leaves of the plant are half eaten, the eater being a grey cat, but fortunately areca palms are non-toxic to cats and dogs, and so the plant and the cat are thriving.

"The song was recorded in a small industry area on the outskirts of the town, where one tuesday two practicing neighbours, a harmonica-featuring blues band and a solo freestyling metal drummer, played in almost perfect unison unbeknownst to themselves. The recordings were executed and supervised by The New Tigers."

July 2017

· New music video released!

May 2016

· New EP out



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